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MBF News


Terra Linda High School Boosters, tournament and fundraiser

The Terra Linda High Boosters chose Cinco de Mayo as the date for their tournament, and of course, brought in a Taco Truck for lunch.

Commited parents and friends came together to help raise money for the school and enjoy some spirited bocce play as well as great food.


First pace team; Salto In Lango, took home T&B gift cards.

Angela Nickles, Rick Nickles, Gina Silvestri, Steve Bettis



Second place team; Bocce Rellie, were all smiles with their Salame prizes.

Saied Zargar, Farideh Zargar, Ali Zargar, Kamrun Zargar


Third place team; Bocce Giants all left with bottles of wine.

Cassie Bettis-Reno, Mike Reno, Arlene Henry, Rich Olate, Tracy Paris  














San Rafael High School Boosters, tournament & fundraiser. 

The first annual San Rafael High School tournament was held on Saturday, and for a first time affair, they did a tremendous job. Not just relying on bocce for competition, several other contests made the event more fun than usual, including best team name, (winner; Mission Imbocceball), best team costume, (winner; bocce bustiers), and more. Even the trophy was fun,(pictured below) by far one of the most unique we've seen. When this one comes on the schedule next year, get a team together and have some fun, and the money goes to a good cause.

First place team; Invasion of the Bocce Snatchers

Mark & Patti Bassett, Mary Vinella, Carmen Bottilgeri, Al & Nancy Martino

Second place team; Monkeys

Jose Ortiz, Danny Breen, Ray Nottingham, Wally Wolk, Zeke Ortiz, Nick Lituauio, 

The first place San Rafael High Bulldog trophy!



Marin Italian Athletic Club's annual Bocce tournament and fundraiser

Bocce players were greeted by the first hot weather of the 2013 season, attendence was a bit lighter than last years event, but the level of Bocce play was still strong. In the end it was experience that won the day as I Bacciatori, lead by Joe Saccone beat Maritie e mogli, in a well fought final match, 10-7.

I Bacciatori    Standing; Dieter, Romano, Art, Ralph, Seated; Joe Saccone

Maritie e mogli                      Steve, Gina, Patti, Mark


Mixed Singles Tournament

The Mixed Single Tournament marked the start of the 2013 Bocce season at Marin Bocce, and it could not have been a better event, 40 entrants, perfect weather, even some new to tournament play.

Gloria Potter; Our first time, first place winner.

Gongrats Gloria!

2nd place finisher Rich Passanisi; definitely not his first time as a top contender.

Steve Bettis, 3rd place; starting to be a regular in the afternoon.

Jim Fox, our 4th place finisher is always tough.

Even 5th through 8 place finishers are all smiles.

Carmen, Tom, Jean, and Bill, all left with a couple bucks in their pocket.



Battle of the Sexes-2012

1st Place:  Tom Miller & Hendrik Idzerda

2nd Place:  Jolene Kramer & Akiko Miller

3rd Place:  Walt Marioni & Thom Uelk

4th Place:  John Ternullo & George Pelmear